Socially Engineered Phishing and hacking attempts on the rise.

Date: 16 Feb 2011 Comments: 0

It’s strange how things happen in waves. One week I’ll have a run of bad hard drives and the next it will be thermal problems (as is the case with this week). Just yesterday I saw a post by TrendMicro ( about social engineering. Then today I encounter one of the best I have ever seen. Good enough that it almost fooled me. It was a quiz on Facebook and it was sent through the chat console. While I was in the process of researching the problem Facebook took it down. It wasn’t your normal “OMG I can’t believe this is you!” post that we have all learned to ignore. This was a post that asked you to take a quiz and respond with the core. If you strike up a conversation related to the post it actually answers you with somewhat intelligent replies. Take a look at the transcript below and see what you think.

(Friend) hey Billy, hope you had a great valentine’s day!!

(Me) I did it was awesome! 

(Friend) I want you to try something real quick

(Me) ok

(Friend) okay Billy, try this quiz and tell me what you get.. i can’t get over like a 107, its ridiculous (Link Removed),billy got like a 112 and I’ve been trying to beat them!!

(Me) one sec, customer

(Friend) let me know what ya score plz

(Me) link no longer works, if it’s a virus let me know and I can help

(Friend) Ok I was hacked. I changed password and stuff

(Me) I thought so, one of the best I have ever seen. Impressive

(Friend) Ooh really? Ugh stupid.


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